BLOG 2010

BLOG 2010

I wish I would have started this blog years ago. When I first met Johnny G. Or when I was working with Umbert and PK from Cycle Reebok. That was over 15 years ago. After 20 years in the bicycle industry. What I've found over the years is that there just simply isn’t enough time in the day. You do the best you can. So I'm starting the blog now.

Sunday, October 2, 2011

We are going to Chicago for Club Industry 2012

 Studiocycles and Jeff Wimmer will be in Chicago to represent the technical interests of Mad Dogg Athletcs/Spinning & Star Trac for the official release of the 2012 Star Trac Spinner bike line. This includes the all new Spinner NXT and the exciting new Spinner BLADE.We've waited to get our hooks on the new BLADE, now we have one to test, just one week out from the show in Chicago.We have already torn apart, analyzed and built up 16 of the 2012 Spinner NXT's for The Biggest Loser earlier this month, so we are fairly well versed in the peculiarities of the 2012 NXT. This will be a busy week of  riding, shredding and interpreting the inner workings  of the new 2012 Spinner BLADE. Josh Taylor and I both have BLADE models, so we've been comparing notes. He and I will also be doing Tech seminars to the show attendees in the Star Trac Spinning Studio(R) show booth. 

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Same Crap, Different day

You wanna know why we are in business? Why we are so successful? Not like millionaire successful, but reputation  and integrity successful. Because we do things different. Some days I truly feel like chef Ramsey on Hells Kitchen.When I see my team make simple mistakes, I take it personally. and my team KNOWS what I expect.I go on Craigslist, and there are the same snake oil salesmen, copying pictures of giant warehouses they slither around, picking over bikes that still look good, even though they've been in play for years and years in clubs. Using terminology like "Cleaned and serviced", selling the bikes without in depth refurbishing and representing them to unsuspecting consumers as the deal of the century. That kind of crap has always pissed me off.I've NEVER done anything other than optimize the bikes I sell, whether they are new and out of tune, or used ,beat up and crying out for a healthy,REAL refurbishing. We do it RIGHT. We get the same used bikes the big boys get, after the 4 year lease is up, and no matter how good they look, we TEAR THEM apart and go through them in good faith and good conscience. Because people have always deserved to get their monies worth.Its why we offer a REAL measurable warranty, because we work hard on our product, we deliver the best, and our bikes DESERVE to have a REAL warranty. On the other hand, the snakes that post online representing themselves as above board, with a solid product, they don't offer a warranty because they in all likelyhood, not capable of delivering a  solid " We stand behind it" type of product. Studiocycles has grown EVERY year for the last 10 years,our customer base increases, and we gain more respect from the BIG companies, to the point that we are the go to guys when the engineers  need outside help, they call Studiocycles. We have always done one thing, worked in one arena, and excelled, for our valued clients, one bike at a time.

Saturday, August 20, 2011

In talks to do consulting with Michael Bruno

This is about as high up the ladder one can get. I'm in direct talks with Michael Bruno about coming on board as a dual consultant to both Star Trac and Schwinn. Thanks to John Bauduin, the CEO and  one of the founders of Mad Dogg Athletics and the Spinning program, for getting me through to Michael. Michael owns both Star Trac and Schwinn, and collectively, he operates the biggest company that produces the lions share of indoor group cycles.I've had the privledge over the years to work with the biggest names in the indoor cycling arena, ans the potential of working directly with Mr. Bruno is a potentially exciting opportunity.

Sunday, August 14, 2011

IDEA 2011 is history

I attended IDEA 2011 here in LA LA land and its now a memory.I expected more from the show.The big companies had small representation, insofar as actual booth space on the floor, and Laurel Mylin from Foundation Fitness pointed out to me that"this is more of a show for instructors, not big ticket buyers. I sometimes get that confused. Caught with Johnny G and the whole G unit at the Kranking Booth. I'm suppliying bikes to Johnny for his master instructor camp in Santa Barbara later this year, in September.If I were an owner of a hip ,hardcore studio; Kranking would be in my house for sure.I recently added a Krankcycle to my home arsenal, ands its an asskicker for sure.There was also a bunch of Zumba copycats at IDEA, but hey, it seems really popular, and if its cutting edge, tyhey will stand in line to knock it off. We built the bikes for Schwinn for this show and I stopped by the Star Trac/Spinning booth and dialed in the new Spinner Blade for them. Rela Ryder had my buddy Adam at the helm, if you've never taken a class with Adam, give it a try, he's a great guy and really loves his job. Cammy, Eric and the newly married Michelle (Mrs. Mills : ) were TCB at the FreeMotion booth, they had a great representation as well.

Monday, July 25, 2011

Our first install for FreeMotion plus my take on Foundation Fitness

We just put in a group of bikes in Irvine at The Shady Canyon Golf Club today, out with the NXT's and in with FreeMotion 11.9's. Heres a little 411 on Foundation Fitness: This company is going places, FAST.If your not familiar with Foundation Fitness. its a fairly new company, but its STACKED with talent. The Liggett brothers started Foundation Fitness almost 2 years ago and they went right to the BIG companies to hire their talent pool. Start off with the man who designed and engineered the first Spinner(R) for Schwinn with the insight of Johnny G. That right, Johnny G, THE creator of Spinning went to Schwinn with his original Spinner bike design and Pat Warner was the brain that cleaned up and streamlined the bike for the masses. Pat was also the guy who put together the Triple Link pedal design, although Paul Swift aka Swifty, will debate that fact into the wee hours on any night or day.Soooooo, Pat Warner was later contracted as one of the key people behind the newest bike designs out of the Schwinn/Stairmaster stables, the AC series bikes. The AC series bikes have elevated Schwinn to new heights with the magnetic resistance, for-aft bars and sweeping new aesthetics. The Liggett brothers hired Pat Warner to migrate over to the newly formed Foundation Fitness for yet another new bike design. Pat went to work with Doug Crawford, another brainiac hired by the Liggetts, to bring what would become the FreeMotion bikes to fruition. The FreeMotion bikes share some strong characteristics of the Schwinn AC bikes, some might say an even cleaner ,more streamlined set of dynamics.One thing is for sure, everyone in the commercial indoor cycling arena is in for a new competitor and its safe to say the Freemotion bikes and Foundation Fitness will not be ignored.The talent pool goes beyond the bikes design team. The Liggetts have also hired Eric Jaworsky to head up the global sales team and he was ripped away from the suits at Stairmaster, Eric moved ALOT of product for Stairmaster and his skill set runs deep, plus they acquired Michelle Crumm, formerly of Les Mills AND Nautilus to assist Eric and run the West coast region.Other notables added to the FF camp are Alicia Howard and Laurel Mylin, both SUPER talented, top of their game, Nautilus veterans who are no doubt a valuable addition to the FF infrastructure. These guys are strapped with Talent and they are already kicking some serious ass and driving the numbers. By the way, Foundation Fitness also carries and reps the Johnny G KrankCycles, the Livstrong indoor bikes as well as ALL of the other hardcore Freemotion gear found inside  pretty much EVERY top fitness club on the planet!

We are building 80 Schwinn AC Performance bikes for IDEA

Studiocycles will be building 80 Schwinn AC Performance bikes for the upcoming monster fitness show; IDEA, here in L.A. in August. After the show we will be extracting the bikes, bringing them back to our warehouse, giving them a serious detail, and they will be for sale. Contact Jeff direct at 888-909-BIKE ,if interested.

2 Star Trac Spinner Pros to Jennifer Aniston

Looks like we are supplying two hand built, pro-tuned 2011 Star Trac Spinner Pros to Jennifer Aniston.My buddy Ron from Customized Fitness is facilitating the deal, with bikes from StudioCycles.It doesn't matter if its Jennifer or Bill or Bob, we do the ultimate bike builds for EVERYBODY. The good news is we don't charge extra for our handy work! Call Jeff direct today for your very own Star Trac Spinner Pro. 888-909-BIKE ,10am-10pm ,7 days a week.